Tier 1

General Service Plan



o   30 point vehicle safety inspection

o   Tire inspections

o   Tire inflation

o   TPMS Operation if applicable

o   Alignment check

o   Brake inspections (Normally $25!)

o   Free Service Inspections when issues arise. (Max of 3 per month Normally $45!)

o   5% off Standard Service’s max of $25

o   Road-hazard coverage on tires not purchased from Martins (must be in repairable area & have 3/32s tread or more) Normally $15 per plug!

*Unlimited use unless otherwise stated.


tier 2

Fluid Top off Plan+



o   Up to one gallon washer solvent

o   Up to one gallon of coolant

o   Up to one quart of brake fluid

o   Up to one quart transmission fluid

o   Up to one quart of power steering

o   10% off Standard Service’s (supersedes 5% discount max of $50)



Once Per Month

*services for one vehicle only. Top off of each fluid only once per month.

*Also includes all of Tier 1 services!*


tier 3

Full Service Plan++



o   *$12.95 oil changes (standard oil up to 5qts) Canister filters & extra qts are extra*

o   *$32.95 Synth/dexos oil change (up to 5qts) Canister filters extra qts are extra*

o   Tire Rotations & balancing  (including tires not purchased from Martin's, Tires must be safe and have more then 3/32 tread life left)

o   15% Off standard service’s (supersedes 10% discount max of $75)

*Oil changes are discounted pricing only and not included in subscription pricing. Oil change pricing may be used on any vehicle you own, other services are tied to only one vehicle. 

*Also includes all services in Tier 1&2!*



Monthly Maintenance Package Subscriptions

Martin's reserves the right to cancel any and all subscriptions at any time for any reason.