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Martin's is the only place you will find new brand name tires AT COST! That's right every tire, every brand you pay what we pay! 

Front End & Suspension

Martin's front end & suspension specialists get your vehicle tight and driving right. Let us help prevent premature tire wear and extend your tire life!

Martin's supply's full lines of Aftermarket Premier wheels for your Super, Exotic, and weekend warriors.   



Brakes squeaking, grinding, pulsating? Bring it to Martin's and our Certified Brake Specialist will check and repair your brake system!


Although Martin's is not a speed shop, we are car enthusiast at heart and love to modify and personalize vehicles to match your personality!

Martin's also has a vast selection of aftermarket wheels for all types of vehicles, Not only to fit your personal style but your Truck build for either show or off-road!



Here at Martin's we want to take care of you, your vehicle and your budget. Martin's Offers two and four wheel alignment's at an every day low price!

Fleet Accounts

Own/Work for a business with work vehicles? Bring them to Martin's! we offer great fleet discounts and a referral program package.

Stop in today and speak to a Martin's representative to pick out your perfect wheels!